Color of Eilis’ Life Inside Brooklyn Movie

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Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), funded by her church in County Wexford’s Enischorthy, Ireland and experience a change of pace miles from her home to Brooklyn, New York. Life got increasingly better serves as the chief reason. She must leave her most beloved older sister and her mother, along with her past life back home. The movie “Brooklyn” takes the movie-goers on a metamorphosis of an ordinary, almost innocent-like young woman and her love story. With Ireland and America in their 50s as its background premise, John Crowley and Nick Hornby working on the film adapted from a novel by Colm Tóibín. Fortunately, they managed to generate a timeless picturesque nostalgia. Although, there are several other enticing aspects apart from the characters.

Film Color

Your sight will be fully indulged with certain spectrum throughout the film. If observed, there will be chromo-transformation from pallid yet mild to almost colorful hue. It seems to be fitted with Eilis Lacey’s mildly dim and uninteresting life she had in Ireland to fully colored one in Brooklyn, as a way for her to finally live her life and found love. Those colors also intermittently shifted when her family grief over her sister, Rose Lacey.

Color change also drifted from her wardrobe style. At first you are given the exemplary life of an immigrant young woman from Ireland, with pale complexion, moving from home with all the clothes she ever own. It’s not much and not at all attractive in color. There are also scenes where the older sister, Rose Lacey commented on Eilis’ lack of clothes. Rose also expressed her regrets on not treating and buying her younger sister’s needs. Eilis’ style slowly turns throughout the film. Bolder colors, but not flashy. To demonstrate Eilis’ style and those around her, you will notice how they mix-match cardigans with plain collared or polkadot blouse, thin waist belt and pouf skirt, also bright pastel-colored overall, headband, glasses, and other accessories. Her complexion grows fairer as well. Yet we can also look over some scene in the film, every time she is in someplace with other characters present, Eilis stood out more due to her chosen wardrobe. Not only because she’s the main character, duh.

Ireland Immigrant in Brooklyn

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We can take note on how the film took its center background around Brooklyn, inhabited by a majority of Ireland immigrants, Irish gatherings and Christmas dinners also their traditional dances done by young Irish folks.

Reported from, Irish people are driven away to New York by their country’s rising famine due to Ireland being cut off from outgrowth. It causes the country to be a remote one, forcing its people to seek a better life outside Ireland. No wonder Irish suddenly overwhelmed the cities in America, they fills trade and service jobs, also along with Catholic institutions in Brooklyn. Also, the majority or Ireland immigrants are female thus fit the premise of the film we seen. A young Irish woman, seeking a better life by working in other country.

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To be honest, most women watching the film will be completely envious of Eilis for having taken two love interests (Tony and Jim), and seriously charming characters they are. But, there is also another jealous-worthy qualities any woman must have: a strong, smart character who know exactly what she wants. Behind those facades, Eilis is not more than just a soft and fragile character. Those traits is visible from her starting point of her life-changing journey, having a severe form of homesickness, deceased sister and her mother being left alone in Ireland, found love from two men (Tony Fiorello and Jim Farell), excels in bookkeeping and how she eventually have to choose between Ireland and Brooklyn. In other words, Eilis is seen through how she responds towards a problem and through events in her life.

Notice that the film also mostly shot Eilis’ face in close-up. Film Production Technique’s Bruce Mamer claimed taking close-up shots will give a comprehensive psychological identification. Meaning that John Crowley wanted to show more of Eilis through her physiognomy. Gustavo Mercado in his book The Filmmaker Eye, such shots indicated its director’s intention of trying correlate the character’s emotion with the audience. Which is a superb technique by the way, resulting in Saoirse Ronan’s Oscar nomination for best leading actor female in 2016. This is also related to Saoirse Ronan’s upbringing and family background. She is also a child from Irish-immigrant parents, so much so that she admits there are some background similarities causing her to emotionally attached to Eilis’ character.

Today’s Context

Actually, Eilis’ character cannot be separated from the context of today. Many women have done the same, yet slightly with different turns. Moving away from her country, attaining education in a big city, then starting a new life, find herself a “fella” then choose to stay there and never return home. These phases usually matures a woman. From such process can she takes account to her life. However, there is one thing Eilis and any young women must possess: to know what one’s wants in life. With that, she can push forward without feeling as if she is drifting, to be distinct without being handled by someone else but also not a haphazard individual.

It is not the old days anymore, not Eilis’ time or Kartini’s. Yet every woman must know what she wants, defend and pursue it.


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