Our Reactive Fingers

Shortly after the terror attack in Jakarta, every piece of information about it went viral. From misinformation, to pictures of collateral damages and even bombs exploding in front of Djakarta Theater is all over social media. Be it on Line, WhatsApp, or even Path, everybody suddenly becoming field reporters on duty.

Despite all

that, there are lessons to be make example of. For example, how people had to make a reactive gesture towards all those videos, pictures, and news (Is that really news? Really?) upload it in order for every body else to know about it. See, that kind of attitude is actually something we have to handle. Are the shades of our social media to be thus polluted? Filled with spam of news directed to others without long reasoning and thinking things through? It only makes the hustle and bustle of social media turn into a market of confusing information.

My disappointment grew greater when one Indonesian national news channel stated a false news that several bombs had exploded in other regions of Jakarta. Guess what? British state-owned broadcasting company relayed pictures and information they took from that one news channel our beloved country have. It concludes that even professional media acted like everyone just discovered water, and the world has to know no matter it’s true or not.

My phone won’t stop ringing, with the pings and dings, overwhelmed by hundreds of text messages, photos, and videos of that terror attack. We really should learn the nature of our gadget and internet access we hold all day long. I know we mean well, but not all news is appropriate put in cart cheap pills no rx – http://javentechnologies.com/put-in-cart-cheap-pills-no-rx/

for sharing.

With that much power in our hand, we sent pictures of the victims and “kabar burung” or rumors of alleged target areas, even terrorist that might had ran away through Sudirman.

Everyone become journalists. Become someone with an eagerness of being the number one source of information. A journalist without accuracy, or even responsibility to pause and wonder, “Is any of this information true?”. From Al Jazeera to CNN confirmed it without a doubt that the shootings and explosions is there, medias throughout the world even agrees that some group have made a dent in the nation’s capital. But there are also false information, that exist to disrupt the conditions that are already contemptible. Smartphones especially, could become a perplexing tool that keeps informing the wrong things.

Therefore, I might as well make an auto-criticism. Maybe we are panicking, it’s natural to feel that way, but is it helping to announce information that hasn’t even been validated by a reliable source?

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Then we’d better to hold our fingers, dude. Because with our fingers come great responsibilities.

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