Room: in Respect of Space

It took a while for me to get used to the vastness of my house, back in the day when we had it renovated. The ceiling rises to the point where you felt you could fit a family of four in just one room. In the current state, I sense that this situation is the new normal, almost small. But it’s my kind of small, it may differ to your kind of small. When I state how small it is in numbers then we can determine the size specifically.

A room is small or large depend on your perspective and how you waste your time there. For example, in the film Room where Joy and Jack lives for the first half of the movie, Jack felt as if the room he lives is his whole world and it is. It’s surprisingly large–for him–large enough that he can stretch and almost sprint to the walls back-to-back. He felt that it is the largest place he could be in, and that the world beyond it does not exist. After he comes out of the room and finally realizes the sky is not as large as the skylight he often gazes upon, and that the things in TV he watches are all real, he was introduced to a “bigger” room. He said it himself:

“The world’s like all TV planets on at the same time, so I don’t know which way to look and listen. There’s doors and… more doors. And behind all the doors, there’s another inside, and another outside.”

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After seeing all that, he felt the room shrinks when he went back to visit it. This is the way he realized that he had immersed himself in a newer, larger perspective with more activities to waste his time on than in the room. “Bye, Room.”

A room is also a place where you can segregate your needs and find specific things to do. At one room you eat, while you welcome guests in the other. A person can change their desire once they enter a room and locate a particular employment as well. The eighteenth century London refers to drawing room as a place where you entertain guests, and where a king would make his first public appearance for that day. In the film Persuasion (1995), the drawing room employs as an area where guests would gather after dinner to play cards. It’s the smartest room in the house, as you may call it.

A room can be neat, messy, dinghy, or pristine depends on how people utilizes the whole space and in turns it shows their true colors. The opening montage in the film New York Minute display almost polar opposites of each of the twins’ room, as it represents each of their characters and the premise of the film. The overachiever and slightly uptight Jane (Ashley Olsen) has a pastel pink, organized and neat space while the punk-rebel Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) goes grungy, messy to order at low price medications no prescription with dark colored space.

So, whenever I see a room in a film I try to pinpoint how the characters lived their life. I tried not just focus on the words and intentions the character implies to further the plot but also how they mean to justify their actions from the way they use or organize their space. Maybe the character lives in an adequate space with a “gifted” child who got frequently visited by “other worldly creatures” (The Sixth Sense) or maybe the character lives in a lavishly large room she forces their parents to switch in (Mean Girls’ Regina George). We can also judge a person from their room, people.


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