“Throw Ranieri to the Wolves, and He will Return Leading the Pack”

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You know, I think that saying fits perfectly with the situation Claudio Ranieri’s in right now. After 30 years working in the managerial career, only this time that he truly grasp the glorious league (or so he told), the Premier League. Ranieri receives acclaim after taking Leicester City to win the 2015/2016 Premier League based on tactics and will alone. Even I was astounded, as I relentlessly sorting through the prices of all Leicester City’s players this season by total of £39,9 million. Compared to Manchester City in the same season by £382,5 million or Chelsea even (that’s £388,5 million by the way), Leicester City’s win is sort of like a fairy tale in a modern football! (I really am excited.)

Their success with Premier League is the result of the allenatore’s work, purchase a cheaply medications without rx as his name is notable among football enthusiasts, and among football analysts. For quite some time, he was once called “The Specialist Runner Up”. Here are the reasons why: Chelsea has to be on the second place on 2003/2004 Premier League below the invincible Arsenal managed by Arsene Wenger and AS Roma in 2009/2010 has to be the tail of Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan. Even though in 2012/2013 he brought AS Monaco to win in Ligue 2, he had to be on runner up position following Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s Paris Saint Germain. Moreover, he once managed Greece national team that evolves into its country’s worst team it ever own. With 0,25 per game win ratio, he got to managed them four times.

The experience of being numero due does not slow him down to fight in the British soil, for King Power Stadium becomes his 16th anchorage in his managerial career. Replacing Nigel Pearson which in previous season had almost made Leicester sliding down to its end, in 14th position, Ranieri comes and brings hope from the foxes’ supporters in its first season: hold the fort in Premier League.

By bringing Gokhan Inler from Napoli and N’Golo Kanté from Caen, Leicester’s midfield solidifies. Added by excellent performance from Danny Drinkwater and Andy King in passing the ball forward made Ryan Mahrez and Jamie Vardy sharpens their way to goal. Don’t forget that Ranieri brought “the core” of Leicester City’s movement, “the new Park Ji-Sung from Japan” Shinji Okazaki from Mainz 05 to King Power Stadium.

Oh, lo and behold for not only able to withstand through in the highest caste of England’s football, Jamie Vardy and friends have successfully brought the foxes for the first time to Champions League and winning the England League with 77 points, over Tottenham Hotspur who only able to get a draw during Derby London in Stamford Bridge.

Current results obtained by Ranieri is no easy feat. His experience of managing a football club and able to view the players’ qualities adjusted with the 4-4-2 formation (sometimes 4-1-4-1) made Leicester stronger. Like a pack of wolves ready to pounce on their prey. Without Ranieri, maybe Nigel Pearson cannot mold the wolves into one complete unity, a strong fearsome team for teams in England League. The Big Six like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester Duo, Chelsea, and even Tottenham cannot easily make a goal passed these wolves. Some of them even face a crushing defeat.

Before I end this, I want to compare the blue lion team roaming the jungles of England in 2014/2015 season with the new blue wolves replacing them in 2015/2016 season. There is this saying on the internet, “The tiger and the lion may be more powerful, but the wolf doesn’t perform in the circus.”

I bet you know what it meant.

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